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Si usted es artista profesional y tiene carácter activo e innovador, nos gustaría invitarle a unirse al Grupo AIA. Como miembro del grupo será parte de un colectivo exclusivo con los siguientes beneficios:

If you are interested in becoming a member please read this before submitting your request:

The Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia Group (AIA-Artgroup) is accepting applications for new members for 2013.
We are a voluntary, self-governing group of artists, mainly painters living and working in Andalucia,
where everyone is expected to be proactive.
We are arranging exhibitions mainly in Andalucia and we have good coverage in press, Radio and TV.
In order to apply to join our group please read the requirements below, download and complete the Application Form
and enclose 2 images of your work. Your application and images will be viewed by a jury following which you may be asked to attend one of our meetings in order to make a short (5 minute) presentation.
The Membership fee which is non refundable is € 60 per calendar year commencing January 1st.
Accepted members must pay when accepted in order to participate in pre-arranged exhibitions.

Requirements for members of the Andalusian International Artists Group (AIA ArtGroup):

. an e-mail address that is regularly read and responded to
. own web page
. master English language (optional)
. reasonably well defined and mature artistic style
. reasonable experience/exposure of their art
. references
. attend and take active part in majority of meetings
. expected to contribute to AIA-ArtGroup with a positive attitude
. actively work for opportunities for AIA-ArtGroup members to exhibit
. make a presentation to AIA-ArtGroup about his/hers art.

and download the APLICATION FORM fill in and send to the AIA Chairman

AIA-ArtGroup – FAQ

FAQ Update February 2013.

What is the AIA-ArtGroup?

The Group, Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia is a private, voluntary, not for profit, participatory, self help group of like minded artists.

What happens with the membership fee?

The fee paid by members is an annual non-refundable subscription that is spent only on Group activities.

Does the Group pay expenses for exhibitions run by members?

Expenses incurred in running exhibitions or other activities under the AIA-ArtGroup banner are the responsibility on those individuals participating.

For example, if an opening necessitates paying to the Gallery €100.00 for wine, soft drinks, crisps etc. then this expenditure will be recouped by an equal contribution from each of the participating artists. Always enquire before you start ordering.

In the case of joint exhibitions (2 artists) the costs are a bit higher but are split 50% by each of the exhibitors.

If printing is required then that also must be shared by the participating artists.

Does a Gallery not pay?

If a gallery is running the exhibition and getting a high commission then they should take the responsibility for printing and inviting clients, as well as funding the reception. This will vary from location to location and deals struck. Inquire before the event.

Can we use our own price tags in AIA-ArtGroup sponsored exhibitions?

No. We should all use the same price tags in joint and group exhibitions. Samples supplied.

What about our individual brochures and cards?

The events organized via the AIA.ArtGroup should only use the AIA-ArtGroup brochure. All artists are listed on the AIA Website and are contactable via the Web site.

Can I exhibit prints, sell cards of my paintings?

Only original Artwork should be exhibited in AIA-ArtGroup sponsored exhibitions and not prints or reproductions of any sort. (Photographic numbered and signed limited edition digitally enhanced images excepted at this time).

Can I send out Press releases in my own name?

Yes. All exhibition publicity should include mention of Artistas Internacionales en Andalucia Group (  Andalusian International Artists. You would probably not be participating unless you were a member of the AIA-ArtGroup.

Can I bring along extra paintings in case there is room to hang them?

When it is specified that a particular number of paintings only are required for an exhibition then please do not try to sneak in extra, otherwise none of that artists work will be accepted for that exhibition. We try to be fair to all Members in AIA-ArtGroup exhibitions.

Does the AIA-ArtGroup have any source of funding?

Artists are expected to contribute a percentage of sales (now 5%) to the AIA-ArtGroup central fund from sales arising from AIA-ArtGroup sponsored exhibitions. This will always be clarified prior to an exhibition. The AIA-ArtGroup at this time only has fees from Members and “hanging fees” for exhibitions where circumstances dictate.

Who can join?

The AIA-ArtGroup is open to all visual artists working in all media with the exception of video art, film, industrial design and interactive art at this time.

The process is that all applicants must send an application form and a means of seeing their work via the Internet (to include the possibility to view the Art on webpage and sent by e-mail)

This then goes to an internal jury for decision and the person is then invited to attend the next meeting and if accepted, pay their fee.

We will then arrange for them to be included on the AIA-ArtGroup ( web site.

They will be circularized regularly as opportunities arise and they are expected to bring something to the group also.

Artistic ability is only one of the criteria that will be used as we are a self help group.

Attending meetings (max 6 per year) of the AIA-ArtGroup is essential as is sharing the workload.
If you have any further questions then please ask.

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